missing the point of grace

Come, join me in conversation. Turn off the tv. Yes, you. You know who you are. Just grab the remote and turn it off. We need to talk. Your heart is beating faster, I know. It’s okay. Relax. I don’t know what you are feeling or thinking. Nor do I know what it is you think you have done. God knows all that stuff; not me.

Do I have your attention now?

Grace. God’s grace, specifically. If you are in Christ, God has given you his grace. You know this, right? But what does that mean? And how does it look in real life?

You know the dark places in your heart. No, no, don’t go away, please…. I have them, too. Terrible places. Despite God’s work of redemption and covering of my sin, I still have that tendency to sin. I agree with the apostle. What a wretched man I am. Yet, God gives me grace. I don’t deserve it. I can’t earn it. Nothing I can do or say or think merits the favor of his grace.

Yet, isn’t that the way we often believe based on our actions? We see our shortcomings and despair of hope to the point of eschewing our role in the ministry God has graciously given us. As a result, we end up on the sidelines, disillusioned and confused.

We miss the point of God’s grace, focusing instead on the disgrace spewing from the mouth of the accuser. And we despair.

God wants you to know something. He is not surprised by the junk in your heart. Confess it to him; confess it to trusted friends in Christ. His will cleanse your heart and renew your joy. Yes, you will still have that tendency to stray and sin. But he will never take back his grace, so remain in him just as he remains in you.

Go now. Thank him. Live in grace. Be free with the liberty which he is restoring in your heart and ministry.


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