Marketing: The Distinction Between Crass Promotion & Availability

For many years I have strongly disliked the idea of marketing myself. It seemed so crass. Arrogant even. Shouldn’t I promote others and especially Christ, rather than who I am or what I am doing? Self-marketing seemed to go against the biblical concept of letting others give you praise, rather than sounding your own trumpet. I still feel that way since it is so ingrained into my personal way of being and doing life. But it doesn’t necessarily make me any less arrogant or any more humble. It just means that  in addition to not tooting my own horn, I am also choosing not to make it known that I am available to serve.

It is an important and huge distinction. Availability and willingness vs. crass self-promotion. I look at so many of my ministry friends who market their ministries well while maintaining a godly humility. They create resources and make themselves available to minister to and equip others. I know these efforts are effective because I see the fruit in my life as well as in other people.

Although I feel tugged toward the margins toward people outside of the typical marketing mainstream, I see the value of hanging up the availability sign so that I may communicate more broadly with those who are influenced by such things. Question is: How might this look for someone struggling to find his way forward in unmapped territory? We shall see. Indeed, we shall see….


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