Kids Ministry Blog Madness 2011 (Round 1)

I just found out that I was inserted as a late entry into the Kids Ministry Blog Madness 2011 over at Last year, my blog was entered but I kinda stood on the sidelines watching some of the other bloggers vie for the most votes. Well, I am still on the sidelines, but I figure why not get into the spirit of the fun and actually make a run for it. Problem is, I haven’t got much time left and right now I am getting crushed by the competition! I have five votes and others have over fifty! Yikes.

So here is the deal. If I win, I promise to lower your taxes (not really), mow your lawns (not really), clean your garages (not really), and post a video of myself dancing on this blog (yes really).

So mosey over to the link above and vote for me, pleeeeeeeeese. LOL. Or vote for someone you really, really like (not really, just vote for me because you know you want to see me embarrass myself dancing on video).



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