Praying for Japan

Photo Credit: Wally Santana/AP Photo

The recent 8.9 earthquake in Japan caused a terrible 10 meter high tsunami to hit its shores, wreaking unimaginable havoc and causing massive loss of life. Some reports indicate that Japan moved about eight feet, adding that the event slightly altered the earth’s axis. Many have died. Many are missing. But that might not be the worst of it. At least two nuclear reactors are at risk of meltdown, raising the spectre of nuclear fallout in Japan and other parts of the Orient, plus across the ocean here in Oregon and in neighboring states. The Oregon tsunami turned out to be a non-event. We will have to wait and see about the potential for fallout. For my part, I intercede in prayer, not only for my own sake and that of fellow Americans on U.S. soil, but particularly for the Japanese and those visiting that country who are in immediate harm’s way.

Although my heart is overwhelmed, I do not despair. I trust in God and his providential care. I call on him to work and lead and intervene. It is the most helpful thing I can do in such a helpless set of circumstances. For I know many do despair both in Japan and abroad. They wonder where loved ones are, and whether they will ever reclaim any normalcy for their lives. They mourn their losses with profound pain. I mourn with them in affirmation of their pain and hope for their future.

It serves once again to put life in perspective, this suffering we witness in real-time through social media. It is not a video game, or a 3D CGI blockbuster theatrical production. It is real life. No stunt doubles allowed. And it could happen to any of us at any time within the provenance of God’s sovereignty. And so, for my part, I set aside things which concerned me a day or two ago, and I cry out to God for I know he hears. I ask him to heal, deliver, comfort, and protect. Likewise, I wait on him for my next assignments, large or small, to contribute in some way to the alleviation of suffering both in this situation and in others near and far.

What about you? What is your response? Your prayer? Your heart’s cry?


2 thoughts on “Praying for Japan

  1. Glen –

    Thanks for the post. This really echoes what I’m learning in my walk right now – the necessity of trusting that God is good and fervently praying for His guidance. The Japan disaster reiterated to me the importance of praying with the kids in my ministry in the same fashion. (Just blogged about this actually – It is so important to teach our kids that we have a loving God who cares even when things seem bleak.

    P.S. I really appreciate your blog – especially since I’m a fellow Oregonian KidMin! :)

  2. Thank you, Chelsea, for your kind words. It is good to know there is another Oregonian out there blogging. May I ask where you serve? Thanks also for linking to my blog on your blogroll. I plan to add your link as soon as I post this comment. I agree with you about praying with kids. It is heart stuff, ministering to and with children. Prayer is fundamental to that process. Be blessed!

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