Every weekday I drive a small box truck throughout the Portland metropolitan area. I enjoy meeting the people and developing friendships. I nicknamed one professional colleague “trouble” because she always teases me when I walk into the shop. She knows every client and greets them by name when they walk in. No small feat considering the hundreds of clients which her company serves everyday.

In another shop a colleague is proud of a mint condition corvette he just purchased. We frequently banter about it. I have the hotwheels version.

In still another business a worker is taking night classes on the subject of business. He is working to improve his skill-set to further advance his career.

Each location I enter to will-call or deliver product is staffed by real people who live interesting lives. As I get to know them through our daily brief exchanges, collegial friendships are developed. I mostly listen.

I listen to stories of heart-ache, humor, anger, and joy. I get to know them as people. Real people. So yea, I am a truck driver. But mostly, I am just a regular guy who is interested in people.

Amazing how much we can learn about people if we bother to try. Not in a prying way. But in a listening way.

Who have you listened to today? What did you learn? How did this influence how you will pray for them? Do you know their names? Off you go. There is much listening yet to be done.


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