Happy Valentines Day

In honor of Valentines Day, I would like to share a recent conversation from Facebook which turned in to a practical joke.  My initial post wasn’t intended to be a joke, but the first response gave me the perfect opportunity. Kind of like a volleyball bump and set for the perfect spike. I have posted a portion of the conversation below with usernames omitted to protect those taken in by my ruse and certain sentences edited for clarity. Enjoy:

Glen Woods: Announcements, AnNouncements, ANNOUNCEments, SHHHHHH.

Responder 1: I’m not good with suspense!

Glen Woods: I have decided to tie the knot!

Responder 1: Congratulations! That is so cool!

Responder 2: what KNOT??????

Glen Woods: The garbage bag. It needs a knot in order to throw it safely in the garbage bin. What did YOU think I was talking about?

Responder 3: So??? What is the big announcement???

Glen Woods: Responder 3, see above :)

Responder 3: OH MY GOODNESS… obviously didn’t see the hidden comments! I was so confused til I laughed … when I got to the garbage bag comment. Goodness we sure did take the bait on that one.


6 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day

  1. Congratulations Glen! Don’t forget to give her a big hug and lift with your knees to prevent a back injury. Hope you tied the knot tight so all the old garbage stays inside! Althought they say it is better to put it all on the table! Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Glen, your posts in the pasts have taught me not to stay alert. It took getting “got” on fb by you a couple of times for me to pause before taking you too seriously. :)

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