MISSIONSHIFT: The Conversation Begins on January 17

On January 17, a conversation will begin on a constellation of blogs–centered around Ed Stetzer’s blog, www.edstetzer.com— about the ideas presented in the book MissionSHIFT: Global Mission Issues in the Third Millennium. With essays “written by three of the foremost missiologists of our time” (Charles Van Engen, the late Paul Hiebert, and the late Ralph Winter), this volume promises to offer fertile soil for vigorous engagement. The volume also features responses to the articles by numerous other missiological practitioners and thinkers, not least Drs Ed Stetzer and David J. Hesselgrave, editors.

I just received my complimentary review copy about an hour ago. I am not being compensated for any opinions I share here or in forthcoming posts. Nor will the complimentary copy influence me to color my opinions favorably. I will commence reading the first section immediately and then, along with a number of other bloggers, we will post our initial responses on our respective blogs on Monday, January 17. We also will post links to our contributions on www.edstetzer.com at the appropriate post, along with key excerpts from our responses. The conversation will continue through February. I encourage you to buy the book at the retailer of your choice. If you have any interest in Christian missions, domestic or global, then you will want to check out this important contribution to missiology.


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