from here to there, transitioning to 2011

2010 is almost done. I am thankful for God’s grace in bringing me through it. Much has happened; much is yet to occur in the forthcoming weeks. 2010 was bittersweet for me. The recent (August, 2010) loss of my beloved mother impacted me deeply, as did my father’s passing in 2007. On the other hand, I am thankful for God’s touch on my life and on the lives of my family. He is at work and I praise him for that.

For the next few days I will enjoy a respite from the challenges of work. I plan to spend much time in prayer and thought. I will also focus on writing. Although it is not my custom to make new year’s resolutions, circumstances find me in a situation where plans must be made, nonetheless. This weekend should help toward that end.

I want to encourage my children’s ministry friends around the USA and the world who may occasionally check in on this blog. Thanks for continuing to carry on the torch of children’s ministry in your local churches. I am proud of each of you. I probably recused myself from having much of a voice in children’s ministry anymore due to my recent resignation as a Children’s Pastor, but I will continue to write and contribute as much as I am able, particularly at and Hopefully those encounters will have an impact at a heart level for those who choose to read my writings and interact with me.

I anticipate discovery of new local ministry opportunities in the coming weeks. Although I will not be seeking any position with an organization or church, I do hope to posture myself in a situation where I can live life as a witness to all generations (yes, especially children) with the intentional support and covering of a local church. I won’t be giving up my day job driving truck. I hope to place a focus on ministering to the poor and marginalized in the culture.

What will that look like? No idea. But I am beginning to explore the options. Some exciting possibilities await further investigation and prayer. All that I have in terms in passion, talent, and time, I intend to expend for the sake of the gospel and for the glory of Christ. I am weary of fool’s errands which distract from the cause of Christ. I am also weary of pointless religious bureaucracy which masquerades as accountability, yet often hurts the very people it intends to help. Nevertheless, if I am to explore what it means to live as a missionary in my local culture, then now is the time for me to delve more deeply. Please pray for me that I will bring honor to Christ in my attitudes, actions, and writings.


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