Read My Lips: No Earmarks

If you do not like politics and strong opinions, then you may want to wander to another blog just for this post. If you do like them, then read on.

The bill designed to preserve the Bush era tax rates has been highjacked by Democrat and Republican earmarks to the tune of billions of dollars. As an American taxpayer and citizen, I am appalled. I say nix the whole thing. Let the taxes go up for now. And let the freshman conservative politicians who won the last election have their say in the new year. Let them shove a tax reduction package up Washington’s arrogant nose.

It is politics as usual in Washington. Obama wants this bill passed now because he knows it is the only way he will salvage any sense of tactical advantage as he enters the latter two years of his first, and likely final, presidential term. So, let the Republicans and Democrats stew in this mess of their making. I am ready for some actual conservatives to show statesmanship and leadership in the new year. I hope they are up to the challenge.

I heard someone on the radio lament that government could conceivably shut down if the bill is not passed. Seriously now, is that such a bad thing?


One thought on “Read My Lips: No Earmarks

  1. I agree! I also would rather have the “Bush” tax cut expire and if necessary the government shut down until they passed a bill that actually did something instead of “reward” their friends with earmarks. I heard a local Representative in essence defend earmarks and those who campaigned against earmarks add some to the legislation. And if someone voted against the earmarks, then it would have been publicized that they voted against the tax cut. They just don’t get it. Why can’t legislation have a single purpose and any spending like earmarks be voted on as a stand alone item?

    Anyway, you’re not alone in your sentiment. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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