Photo by Glen Alan Woods

The sun is about to set on this season of my life. After fifteen years, I have resigned my position as Children’s Pastor at Portland Open Bible Church. November 28, 2010 will be my final day of service. This news signals not only my resignation from the church, but also from future service as a children’s pastor. I have decided that my days as a church leader have concluded.

I do not know precisely what I will do in the near future. For now I will focus on work and family. I also will continue to contribute at and

Please pray for Portland Open Bible Church as they adjust to this development. We part on warm and gracious terms, full of reciprocal love. They have a terrific team of people with whom I have been unbelievably privileged to serve. I will miss them dearly.

In the future, I envision continued efforts at mission among the marginalized in the interior of the city.  I also plan to write, engaging in a far more frequent and disciplined writing schedule.

As the days progress I will offer glimpses into this new journey. The life editing to which I have been referring in previous posts has now taken a public form. It is risky. It is necessary. Break camp and advance….


2 thoughts on “Resignation

  1. Will be praying for you Glen! It’s freeing to follow what you believe God is calling you to do, if not a little scary.
    If Portland Open Bible would like assistance in finding your replacement, please have them contact me…I’ve recently opened up a new service via KidMin360 which is call KidMinJobs (
    God bless, & I look forward to hearing how God continues to move in your life.

  2. Thanks so much, Greg. It means a lot to hear from you. This church is not in a position to hire anyone. Mine was a volunteer role, although I did receive a small housing allowance. However, I am sure they would entertain candidates who are willing to work for free, or for a very small stipend.

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