Be Prepared With the Tools Your Team Needs

Photo by Glen Alan Woods

In industry we understand that workers need certain tools to accomplish specific tasks. The photo depicts a vehicle which carries containers back and forth between trucks and train cars. No other tool will suffice.

Children’s ministry is not all that different. Our ministry colleagues need tools to accomplish their responsibilities. The list is long. Imagine my embarrassment recently when a teacher could not find scotch tape to help students complete a craft. I had purchased a pack of scotch tape recently but it was nowhere to be found. Whether I had misplaced it or only imagined that I purchased it is beside the point. My team needed the item immediately and I had to scramble to scrounge up the necessary supplies from elsewhere on the campus.

The moral of this story? Be prepared in advance with the right ministry tools so that you and your staff may focus on the real business of children’s ministry: working with the children.


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