trains, preparations, and destinations

Photo by Glen Alan Woods

Trains and railroads long have fascinated me. The sheer power. The aura of mystery. The steam, payloads, and endless mazes of track. It is no small wonder how each train is able to be placed on the correct route. A busy railroad yard is a sight to behold, as various locomotives move about, and numerous containers are positioned into corresponding interlinked trains.

It makes me wonder where this specific locomotive is headed?

Photo by Glen Alan Woods

Alas, there it is as seen from a different perspective. It appears to be pointed toward a train of containers. I often see such trains headed east next to I-84 toward The Dalles and beyond. At full speed, the sight is impressive. But here in this photograph, the engineers labor hard to prepare the load for its journey. It is the kind of thing not often observed by the public. It is the hard behind-the-scenes work which ensures a safe, productive transit.

Doesn’t this have parallels in life? Much of life is a staging ground for the key pivotal transitions which God calls us to make, those decisions which impact us and others deeply. We diligently toil in the situations where God has placed us, faithful in the small things. And then he speaks, often in various ways, to make clear that the time is at hand for a new thing to which he is calling us.  

Engineers have a large responsibility to stage their trains correctly. I do not understand all the things they are required to consider, but I am certain that weight distribution, proper alignment, and a host of other factors must be taken into account. These elements set the stage for successfully pulling the train to its destination.

How are you setting the stage for your life both in terms of your current responsibilities, and those you may one day take on?


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