of rain and attitudes

As I listen to the rain falling hard outside my windows, I feel its soothing effect. So peaceful. A cool breeze joins its melodic percussion as a gentle counterpoint. At this very moment I can imagine that some people in my area are lamenting the onset of precipitation. I can even understand some of their reasoning. Yet I embrace the wonder of much that rain signifies: replenishment; refreshment; nourishment; cleansing; to name a few.

I do not consider rain a necessary evil to endure. Rather, it is a blessing which showers upon us regardless of our appreciation (or lack thereof) for its timing and volume. Why complain about that which God has provided for us in his providence? By being thankful in any type of weather, we set a profound example for the children under our care. And, we lower our blood pressure, as well. This is food for thought as the rainy season makes its entrance earlier than some might hope.


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