what will be your legacy?

What will be your legacy? What phrases or statements will come to the minds of those who know you best when they reflect on your life? What behaviors will they recall? What attitudes?

We have a measure of control over the kinds of things we do and say, and the attitude we exhibit in the process. My mother understood this very well. It all boiled down to her testimony. Her concern was to glorify Jesus through her life.

I have to ask myself: is that my priority?

I would like to believe it is, but I know full well that I too easily get off track. By remembering her example, however, and the example of Jesus Christ according to Philippians 2:5 and following, the necessity of a personal course correction becomes apparent.

Furthermore, the act of concerning ourselves with the legacy of Christ causes us to better align ourselves to his attitude so that our behavior translates into a God-honoring legacy in the days to come. Sure, people will remember the funny things we said and did, and maybe even some of the sobering things which refined our character and gave us opportunity to rely fully on God, rather than our own strength. By God’s grace then, we pray that they remember our testimony as a life well lived for God’s glory.


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