the way of the Cross

The Cross of Jesus Christ demands my life. All that I am, all that I say, all that I do. By yielding to the Cross, taking up my own to follow Jesus, I lay aside all that hinders. This is no small matter. It can not be done in my own strength. My flesh desires that which is contrary to God’s purposes. My heart is deceitful when left to its own devices. But I have been crucified with Christ, so that it is no longer I who sets the agenda, but God. In Christ, there is a poverty of willfullness, and a wealth of obedience. In Christ, there is joy which is inexpressible. In Christ, there is hope, not despair. Sin is exposed through confession and repentance, liberating us into irrepressible victory for God’s glory.

As I look ahead into the years to come, the future is opaque. I have no idea what will happen. I only know that I feel called to the margins, to the forgotten, to the hopeless. I have no need of titles, recognition, or accolades. In the margins, those things mean nothing.  Young people at risk of gang recruitment care little about them. Nor do young children and parents whose first language and culture are vastly different than my own. They care far more about me being real, being present, and being accessible as an ambassador for Christ.

It is the way of a missional life. It is the way of the Cross. It is the way of the Lord Jesus whom I will follow all the days of my life.


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