writing is hard

Writing is so hard. I spent some time this evening creating a first draft for an article I plan to submit to a publisher. It is definitely rough. So, I emailed a friend to ask for feedback.  He called me, offering sage advice. I made adjustments based on his advice, yet still the article needs work. It causes me to remember that real writing is what happens when the editing starts. And even then, after I think I have a tightly worded essay with lean prose and sharply focused content, I know that more editing will be required, that is, if the article is accepted for publication. A big if, I know. I have waited far too long to attempt it. It is time to set aside my feelings of insecurity and make a go of writing for compensation. If the article does not get published, then I will post it here as a shining example of the need to write well and edit mercilessly. If, at that time, you wish to throw darts, you will need to bring your own supply. I will supply the picture of me to provide you a wide-angled target. ;)


2 thoughts on “writing is hard

  1. Don’t let a publisher be the final say in whether you are a good writer. As one who is ‘published’ I greatly appreciate the talent of professional editors at publishers, but they also have contrains of space and fast eyes and advertisers. I have appreciated as well the feedback of those who have been impacted by what I have self-published on the web that was rejected by (or never submitted to) a publisher. As I have been by the articles on your blog. So whether or not this piece you are working on gets published, know you ARE a writer of influence in my life!

  2. I appreciate the encouragement, Karl. And to show my appreciation, I will let you throw the first dart if that opportunity occurs. But seriously, thanks so much for your kind words. It means a lot.

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