the price of liberty

Today citizens of the United States of America celebrate our independence from the tyranny of a monarchy which once threatened to extinguish the flame of liberty that burned brightly on our soil. Some hearts wavered, hoping that reason and compassion would prevail across the ocean. Others knew better, citing the implements of war already washing ashore, filled with troops. War was afoot. Patrick Henry knew it. And so in this milieu he offered his unfiltered remarks, hoping to spur his comrades to necessary action, lest the flame of liberty be extinguished. He sought to break the chains of England’s control once-for-all, exclaiming, “Give me liberty or give me death!”

As you celebrate the holiday with your family and friends, take time to remember and reflect upon the principles upon which our nation was founded. You may be reminded of these principles by reviewing our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.  Remember, liberty was bought at a high price, and often must be maintained with a high price, not least the willingness of the American citizenry to take personal responsibility for their behavior and needs, rather than look to government to solve their personal problems, such as finances, retirement, and having a place to live.

Be blessed this weekend and beyond, enjoying the free air of liberty.


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