forming young leaders

Today two adult colleagues and I worked with our elementary age children to prepare them to lead the early childhood kids church next week.  They are very excited. Our Bible theme next week deals with how God created the land in all its varied forms for us to live in and enjoy.

I have a worship team to lead music, a craft team to guide the little ones in a mixed media art experience, a game team to lead a game which corresponds to the lesson, and a drama team to take the younger children on an imaginary journey through the various landscapes God has made.

There are additional jobs as well, such as snacks, time keepers, buddies to partner with children who need extra help, and so on.

Every child has a role. On alternating weeks we practice for the following week, and then perform our ministry duties on that subsequent week. There will never be a dull moment, with the children always looking forward to each week and contributing to the content and process along the way. 

It is a summer of intentionally forming young leaders, teaching them important skills for dealing with peers, elders, and younger children. They will learn responsibility and be able to perform various tasks which help them explore their budding talents and interests.

In essence, it will be a summer of giving ministry away to the emerging generation. It should be an interesting ride.


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