a letter to my Dad

Photo by Glen Alan Woods
Hi Dad. It’s Memorial Day. Yesterday I visited your gravesite. The scene was beautiful. Thousands of American flags adorned the campus of Willamette National Cemetary. Each gravesite had at least one flag directly in front of it. I added two more to your site. I wanted to honor your service to our country. I especially wanted to honor you as my father. My dad.

I cried when I saw your marker. I always do when I am alone. I know you understand.

Photo by Glen Alan Woods

Life is continuing on for those left behind. We always remember you. Mom reminds us that you were the talker and she is the walker. She loves her Daddy Dolls. You should see all the stuffed animals she has around the house. She has a plan for them which will bless hundreds of children when the time comes for her to reunite with you and meet Jesus. As you know, you are going to have to wait awhile though.

I have much more to say and I will do so offline. Right now I mainly want to remember. The fishing trips. The long car rides. Learning to ride my bicycle and shoot a hook shot on the basketball court. Learning how to fight. Learning how to love. Work. Never giving up. Always being reverent to God. And so much more. So very much more. I cry now in mourning but I know a new day is just beyond the horizon. A day where every tear will be wiped away, where there will be no more pain, suffering, or weeping. A day you now know, and that I long for when my sojourn is completed.

2 thoughts on “a letter to my Dad

  1. Thank you Glen for the wonderful tribute to Dad! Although I am crying as I write this I am so thankful for the things you said! This mean alot to the whole family and I am sure it means alot to our wonderful Dad! I am sure He thanks you as well! Although this is late happy memorial day!

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