my children’s ministry heroes are average

Recently Christine Yount Jones put out a call to her CM Mag Facebook friends to submit names of people who are heroes in children’s ministry. She is asking for names of those who are current heroes based on the last twenty years of impacting the children’s ministry world, and those who may yet become heroes in the next twenty years. In essence, these are people to whom many of us turn as thought leaders concerning all things children’s ministry. I submitted a short-list to her. I am pretty confident at least a couple of them will be included in her forthcoming CM Mag article.

This morning, however, I started to think about all those people we will never hear about. They are not thought leaders on a national or international scale because frankly, most people do not know about them. In the natural, they seem average. Yet they are worthy of recognition all the same. They live all  around the world in obscurity and speak myriad languages. Some are foreign missionaries while others are indigenous children’s ministers. Some give up comfort and financial security to work with street children; others were street children, and now give back to carry on the work. Some work with children who live in or near garbage dumps. Still others work with orphans in war zones, child soldiers, sex slaves, and abandoned children. 

All around the world, many commit to volunteering all the days of their lives in smaller churches. They work full-time jobs, but also give as much energy and creativity as they can to the worshipping communities of which they are a part.

These and so many others labor with limited resources, and very little recognition or help. Some die for their efforts forgotten by all but those little ones and their families who were impacted by them. They are forever consigned to obscurity in the natural.

Those are the real heroes. I wish I was more like them.


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