when you labor faithfully in the margins

You labor quietly in the margins. Yet, God knows who you are, obscure though you may be from public view and accolades. Faithfully you teach the children. You have your bad days, to be sure. But mostly they are good. You know that God is working in their hearts. You know it because you’ve been witness to a generation or two or maybe even three which has already grown up. You have seen the fruit of how God has used you, and especially how God has used their godly parents. And it makes you smile in thankfulness to the Lord.

Yet, you’ve also wept over hurting children and their broken families, crying out to God on their behalf. You remember the one or two who eventually went to prison. You still pray for those who themselves married and then divorced, following the pattern set before them. You intercede for those who succumbed to all manner of addictions and bondage. You wonder what might have been done differently. You wonder what you might have done differently. The trail of tears hurts.

You rejoice over each child and their ah ha moments, as they come into deeper understanding of the things of God. You celebrate as many of them choose to follow Jesus all the days of their lives. You also keep close to your heart the prodigals and lost ones who never believed, even long after they leave your ministry. You don’t stop praying for them. You don’t stop believing that God will seek them out. And you thrill when children from around the world enter your life. Despite language  and culture barriers, you rely on what you know works best: God’s love.

You might think you are last place since you are located in obscurity. But remember, you are in the heart of God.


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