editing attitudes

An author has complete control over every aspect of a novel. Once the first draft is written, the editorial process begins. Some authors edit as they pen the first draft. Others wait until it is done. Still others do it chapter-by-chapter. In all of these cases, one thing remains constant: the need to edit.

The same is true with our lives, according to Donald Miller in his book “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. I reviewed the book late last year. And its thesis continues to gnaw at me. We can edit our lives. It occurred to me that there is one simple (or not so much, depending on your perspective) way we can begin this process. We can edit our attitudes.

Imagine the implications. If we want change in our lives, we can immediately do something to implement change, starting internally. After all, change is the clarion call of the masses in the last few years, right? So start it now. In your heart. What changes is God prompting you to make in your thinking and feeling? What might you do to edit the prevailing attitudes which hinder your spiritual growth? What choices need to be made? And are you willing to risk losing the temporary payoff of continuing business as usual in order to experience the liberty of a heart set free by Christ from attitudes which are contrary to his purposes?

Just like an author might edit the motives or attitudes of a character, or a movie director might ask an actor to change a nuance in a character’s perspective, is it possible that God might be gently encouraging you to revisit the disciplines of prayer, biblical meditation, and godly fellowship in order to edit harmful ways of being and thinking?

Think and pray on these things. I will leave you to it. I have some editing to do in my own life, painful as it can be, but so clearly necessary.


One thought on “editing attitudes

  1. I do like the picture of the author and movie director – rather like Eph 2:10 – we are God’s ‘poem’… continually revisited to polish and maybe change a word or two! Sigh – and just when I was looking forward to a peaceful weekend along came editing attitudes!!!
    God bless you,

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