creative simplicity

Photo by Glen Alan Woods

There is something stunning about simplicity on a grand scale. The eloquent white expanse set against the azure blue with early hints of blackness above caresses the imagination. Beyond the clouds at 39,000 feet, I feel the wonder of creation, the terror of my own frailty.

Majesty and vulnerability juxtapose themselves in a narrative space. This creature muses in awe at the artistry of his Creator and worships, so high above the velvet layer, shielding my eyes from the mixture of beauty and turmoil below. Silence is my ally as I listen and watch. The Painter dabbles with his palette, surely with unbounded joy. I can only gasp at each new brush stroke.


3 thoughts on “creative simplicity

  1. Jerry, thanks so much for commenting. I am thankful you enjoyed the photo and the post. May God bless you with the fulness of his peace and joy.

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