Book Review: Epic- The Story God is Telling

While in Colorado a couple of weeks ago visiting Karl Bastian and his family, Karl gave me a copy of the book “Epic” by John Eldridge. Having already become a fan of Eldridge through reading his “Wild at Heart,” I gratefully accepted the gift, knowing that I was about to be challenged and encouraged at a heart level.

Regular readers of this blog likely have sensed some heart stuff going on with me. Although I cannot share the details in this venue, I will say that Epic was a timely read.

Allow me to speak to my readers who are male for a moment. Ladies, feel free to listen in. But this next paragraph is to the men. Just for a moment. Ready?

Men, life is not pointless. Yes, it is hard. Bills. Hard labor for many of us. Uncertainty about a great many things. Challenging relationships. Broken promises by those we once trusted. Our own failures. Life is hard, but not pointless. God has given as us a Champion through Jesus Christ. And in turn, he calls us to be champions, as well. In our homes. In our workplaces. In our neighborhoods. On fields of battle. You are being called into the Epic of God’s story. You may feel marginalized, obscure, even pointless to the broad sweep of the world’s story. But God says differently. So rise up, men. Read the book “Epic” for inspiration. Read the Bible daily for revelation. Be the man God is calling you to be, integral to your part in his story. Rise up; RISE UP!

As I indicated above, this book was given to me by a friend. The publisher had nothing to do with it. The opinions I shared are mine alone.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Epic- The Story God is Telling

  1. I’m glad this small book hit you the way it did me. Now you see why I bought 50 copies and have been giving them to men as the Lord leads. I like to say the only thing I don’t like about the book is that I didn’t write it, because I feel as though I did because its message is my life’s passion and is the message and back story for my novel for kids, Order of the ancient. (dot com)

  2. It seems like God is working me over through a number of influences, not least John Elderidge’s writings, and folks like yourself. Even if you do make me go on grueling hikes. :)

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