Win a Copy of ReNew: The Green VBS

 In my previous post, I reviewed ReNew: the Green VBS. Now, I am giving away the starter kit. And not just one starter kit, but two! Here is how it works. Leave a comment on this post about how you plan to use the kit and what difference it will make for you, your church, and your community. I will choose two winners. You must live in the continental USA. I will ship the packages parcel post via snail mail. It is slower, but since I am paying for shipping, I am sure you will understand. :) When I decide upon two winners I will announce them in an update to this post. The deadline to enter is next Friday, April 16. I will make my decision over the weekend and announce the winners Sunday evening. At that time, I will ask the winners to email me their shipping information.

So, off you go. Share your thoughts. Also, if you want to interact with my review, please do so on that post. Thank you!

UPDATE as of Friday, April 16, 1 pm PST

I have decided to use the services of to choose the two winners. I got this idea from my blogging friend Tony Kummer over at his great website, I made this decision because each of the entrants who have left comments so far are deserving to win the prize, and I know I will not be able to make a choice on my own! So, if you have not entered yet, please get busy and do so! It is a wide open contest with only seven contestants at the writing of this edit! You have until 11:59 pm PST on Friday, April 16. I will announce the winner no later than Friday Sunday evening!

UPDATE as of Saturday, April 17, 7:30 PM PST. We have our first of two winners! Congratulations, Jean Wilson of Red Bank Baptist Church in Lexington, SC. Your package was shipped today!

I am waiting for the second winner to reply to an email to verify information. If I do not hear from that person by Wednesday, then I will randomly draw another name. So…check your email…..:)

UPDATE as of Monday, April 19

The second winner is Rosalind Penevolpe of Bayville, New Jersey. Congratulations! I will ship your package soon!


8 thoughts on “Win a Copy of ReNew: The Green VBS

  1. Interested in taking a further look at the Green VBS. I’ve previously thought through some lessons based on the green motto to Recycle, Reuse, Reduce. I need to continue building on those.

  2. The Green VBS sounds intriguing and interesting. In our small children’s ministry group here in Delaware/Maryland, we have some Maryland farmer’s children/grandchildren. Their mom is very environment friendly and we’ve had many conversations about using the ground for our organic food supply, etc. That’s just how things work in a farmer’s mind.

    I would love to receive the ReNew Green VBS starter kit.

  3. I am very interested in preserving what we can during my lifetime. There is entirely too much waste. We are a small church consisting
    of approximatly 300 people, and our children and grandchildren need
    to know how important it is to take care of what God has given us and
    to take nothing for granted. God Bless Lindy

  4. Well this seems like a very interesting VBS, one that I think will be getting more and more popular as time goes on.

    It is interesting how they have managed to help the environment (an increasingly bigger social issue) while keeping a focus on Jesus Christ. I know as you said in your review that evangelism isn’t the biggest focus, but you are right this could help to really bring in some of the unchurched in certain areas. I believe this would be huge help in any church setting, but especially useful in more rural areas.

    The church where I teach is in rural Indiana, where many children come form Farming backgrounds or are at least witnesses to it on a daily basis. The teachings and analogies would really strike a chord with them.

  5. We are just starting to integrate a reduce/reuse/recycle mindset in our ministry- what a great way to reinforce this idea with our children’s groups!

  6. I grew up and still live and work in Lexington, South Carolina. We lived on a farm where we ate what we grew and raised! We butchered twice a year for meat and canned in the summer. We raised chickens for eggs. We used compose for our fertilizer, put egg shells in our flowers, used soda bottles for bird feeders and much much more!!

    I want to teach our children about conservation, preservation and how to correctly take care of this world that God has so graciously placed us on.

    I am married with 2 children and 9 granschildren and we still have a garden, raise chickens and have a goat.

    My 12 yr old granddaughter screams every time they cut down more trees for roads, bldgs or whatever reason!
    She talks about the animals being run out of their homes and killed because they have run into our homes!

    I would love to have a curriculum that teaches this concept! I love the world and understand that for things to grow they have to change but WE can do it without causing harm to others. A candle doesn’t have to be blown out for yours to grow brighter, it needs to join with others which causes a brighter light!

    Thank you for giving others the chance to receive and teach this curriculum! God bless you!

  7. This is an exciting topic this year, everyone seems to be “going green”. Our small church has already decided to participate in the ReNew VBS this year, in hopes of reaching out into the community and bringing others to Christ. We have not purchased the kit yet, frankly because it is generally left up to the volunteers to do so. We do not currently have a budget for our children’s ministries, something I am working on trying to change.

    I am the responsible one this year, and can’t wait to implement the curriculum. Coming from a background of working with the Dept. of Environmental Conservation and seeing firsthand how the pollution of our environment and world can wipe out whole areas of living creatures, I believe this is an important topic to teach our children and the next generation. So much has been emphasized with global warming in the last 10-20 years, but it seems the discoveries of Rachel Carson have been long forgotten. We need to be thinking about the whole system, not just the individual parts.

    Time to ReNew the way children look at God’s Creation and how we can be the stewards He would want us to be!

  8. I just saw your note on ministry to, and realize I am late in entering. We decided last week to do your VBS, but are a very small, inner-city church with limited funds. This would really help us. If I am not TOO late or if you do this again, please keep me in mind!

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