Music Review: Children’s CDs by Sovereign Grace Music

Recently I was offered the opportunity by Sovereign Grace Music,, to review two children’s worsip CDs. I think any parent or Children’s Ministry leader should add both to their worship music library. How is that for getting to the point? But that’s not all. There is more.

Both CDs are intended for children 7 years and older. And they deliver on the promise. A combination of strong musical chops and powerful lyrics takes seriously the range of young worshippers who will be influenced by these products. Although every song might not appeal to every child or adult, all of the songs are produced with high caliber professional acumen. Some of the songs feel more kid-like. Others press the boundaries of maturity, understanding that older children may not care to sing lyrics that seem too young for them. Through all of the songs is a profound theological centeredness in Christ and in Scripture. You may listen to samples by clicking on the album photos above and following the links. The pages also give opportunity to purchase MP3s or CDs directly from the publisher.

I do have a suggestion for future consideration. Many smaller churches, like mine, enjoy using DVD versions of children’s music filmed live (think Hillsong Kids)  in our worship experiences. We do not always have access to live music of our own, so professionally produced options help us to provide high impact worship experiences, while leaving leaders free to join the children as fellow worshippers. It is unfortunate that Sovereign Grace does not yet appear to have this option as I think it would be a huge bonus.

In the meantime I plan to put these CDs to good use in my church context by teaching my kids some of the songs and inviting them to a greater depth of understanding concerning what God has done for us through Jesus Christ. Well, done Sovereign Grace Music! I look forward to hearing more of your offerings in the future.

*These two CDs were provided to me by Sovereign Grace Music for the purpose of writing a candid review on this blog.


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