when children grow up

                                                                                                     The girls in this photo are Brittni, Brette, Janae, Alexis and Anna. I love them like daughters. I remember their early years with great clarity: their personalities; their sweetness; their occasional mischievous flair. Friends, all. I am thankful to have journeyed with them through a portion of their stories. But they are not little anymore. They gave grown up into beautiful young women, each with her own goals, dreams, hopes, and challenges.

Although my part as their Children’s Pastor has long since concluded,  I still pray for them often, even as I also pray for others who have moved on. I pray for God’s protection and wisdom as they navigate their years in university. I pray for his purposes to be accomplished in and through their lives. I pray that they will experience fulfillment to the proportion that they submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

I am proud of them. I cannot claim credit for what they have become, but I do thank God for allowing me the privilege of walking alongside them and their parents throughout those early years.


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