Five Suggestions for Blog Writing

  1. Fact check. If you are going to quote a source, cite an expert, or refer to a stat, make sure you get it right. Egg is really hard to get off of your face.
  2. Proper attestation. Don’t steal other people’s intellectual property and represent it as your own. If you are going to quote someone from a published work, then give proper credit. Although you do not necessarily need to follow APA, MLA, Chicago Style, or Turabian in a blog (not that it would hurt in longer pieces which are heavily research-dependant), you should at least attempt to cite the author, the publication, and the page number. In the case of quoting an oral work, then speaker, date and event should suffice.
  3. Lean prose is healthier than fluff. If you can pen in 10 words what you have just written in thirty words, then break out the cleaver and cut the verbal fat. Lean prose will give you freedom to generate vivid imagery which captures the imaginations of readers. Fluffy prose simply confuses them, kinda like a child looking for a carnival prize in a vat of cotton candy.
  4. Use words in ways that do not frustrate your readers. Use words as they are intended to be used, according to their conventional definitions. If you must introduce specialized words, consider defining them, or at least including a link to
  5. Check your grammar and spelling. Are there awkward phrases? Misspellings? Run-on sentences? Disagreements in number between subjects and verbs? Dangling participles? Confusing changes in points-of-view?

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