reGroup at Group Publishing

I have been a fan of Group Publishing for many years. Like many other publishers, they consistently produce great products in the form of books, curriculum, and resources which I have been able to use repeatedly in my local ministry to children at two different churches.

Several years ago I even applied for a job at Group. While I did not succeed in landing the position, I appreciate the classy way I was treated during the application process. I cannot say the same about some of the other jobs I have attempted to secure over the years.

Last week I had the opportunity to visit the Group Publishing headquarters for the first time. It has long been a goal of mine. I was not disappointed.

When I arrived in Colorado, Karl Bastian (Kidologist) picked me up from the Denver Airport. His boy, Luke, was asleep in the back seat. I stayed overnight at Karl’s home, and then the next day we departed for Loveland to experience reGroup together. We were greeted by a moose which appeared to have gotten stuck in a brick wall (see photos below). The best part is that the head of the moose moves and talks!

After taking some photos and sharing some laughs about the talking head, we dove in to the reGroup experience. There were several training sessions, plus plenty of opportunity to network, discuss our lives and ministries, and explore various parts of the Group campus. The best part for me was the time spent with the Group employees and the visiting reGroup delegates. It truly was a time of refreshing and encouragement. More thoughts to come later, but in the meantime plan a trip to Group. They are enthusiastic to invite you for a visit.


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