considering the way forward

ReGroup at Group Publishing has concluded. I am not sure what I expected when I came out here to Loveland, Colorado. Networking, maybe. Some training. An opportunity to see new sights in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Indeed, all these occurred. But there is something else going on, too. Something at a deeper level.

It did not begin here. Nor will it end here. I am at a fork in the path at a trailhead. I could opt to take the acceptable and safe route. Or I could divert from what is safe and comfortable and blaze a trail not yet taken. To whom shall I turn for advice? Who will lead the way, and for how long? At what point will I have to trust simply in the Holy Spirit to guide me? Or should I follow Scripture and make that trust in the Holy Spirit the primary factor in my decision-making? Perhaps there is room for both?

This is heart stuff. Personal and ministry. The world as I have perceived it for so long is crumbling at the foundations. My faith in God is not shaken, but my faith in commonly accepted ways of doing life and ministry has been rocked. Frodo held the fate of Middle-Earth in his hands by being the Ring bearer. I am under no illusion that I will have such an impact.

Or, by God’s grace and with his help, will I? For a child. A parent. A family. A church. A homeless person on the street. Maybe even for myself in those places deep in my heart that only God knows about. Those places which remain tender through years of neglect and pain. And maybe at some point I can learn to gain new strands of self-confidence which will help me to launch out in new creative endeavors for the purpose of bringing lost people to Jesus.

Frodo trusted in his companions to help him navigate his treacherous journey. I know I am going to need a company of companions, too. Allies. Some more frequently than others. To help me keep it real. And to help me dream far beyond the limitations of my fears.


2 thoughts on “considering the way forward

  1. I think I get this Glen, probably because I am in a similar place (though probably not exactly the same). Praying for guidance and courage for you!

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