Photo by Glen Alan Woods

In a few days I will be flying to Colorado to participate in reGroup in Loveland, Colorado with Group Publishing. I am grateful to Group Publishing and to Christine Yount Jones, Children’s Ministry Champion and Executive Editor of Children’s Ministry Magazine , for extending to me this invitation.

I intend to take this time to relax, regroup, and learn, something which is much needed on my part.
I also will be spending time with another champion of children’s ministry, Karl “The Kidologist” Bastian, founder of I look forward to learning much from him as well, plus taking in the scenic beauty of the surrounding countryside, especially the mountains.
This trip is kind of a big deal for me. This will be my first time to Colorado. I plan to take many photos and to do some writing. It is likely I will not post here again until sometime after Easter Sunday. In the meantime, check out the Big List of CM Blogs at the bottom of the right hand column on this blog. You will find lots of great content to keep you reading until I return.

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