Kids Ministry Blog Madness

Recently Tony Kummer over at began a contest to determine the top kids ministry blog according to voting participants.

He even included this blog as one of the 64 initial contestants. I am quite humbled by the gesture. I appreciate how he and others promote other people’s work, driving users to the obscure fringes of cyberspace (if you are not sure where that is, don’t worry; you are there now on this blog) to check out the content of ordinary people.

This isn’t an appeal to vote for my blog (but if you are rabid to cast a vote for this blog, then, by all means, go to the Eastern Conference bracket and have at it! Voting concludes real soon for the first round and I am about to be eliminated:) ). It is an appeal to check out the top-flight blogs which he features in the contest, plus the many additional blogs he includes in his list of CM blogs at his site.

I have done online interactive stuff since 1999, both in the Christian and secular venues (primarily IRC-related). I plan to do more in the future, primarily focusing on this blog and also seeking to reach out to the lost.

What especially interests me about this specific venture is the responses to it. I haven’t got access to the stats, but I am going to assume Tony’s web hits to his site and to that post have spiked dramatically since the contest began. Why is that? Because he linked to 64 blogs of people who are highly relational, well-connected, and as it turns out, very competitive in some cases (I know you are reading this, Dad in the Middle!).  I pick on Wayne Stocks (Dad in the Middle) because he has been seeking voting support on many of the other blogs, plus on Facebook and Twitter, since the contest began. The dude is running a grassroots campaign and may yet make it to the second round!

My point is this. The contest has created excitement because it is a fun way to promote each other’s work and build each other up. I don’t see it as losing when my blog is ousted. I see it as being part of a much larger community of bloggers, each with something unique to contribute. So, congratulations, Tony, on conceiving an activity which encourages all kinds of Kidmin bloggers, plus gives others something to shoot for if you do it again next year.


One thought on “Kids Ministry Blog Madness

  1. Glen,

    Great post. Since I started blogging in the kidmin community, one of the things that has amazed me the most is how open and inviting people involved in kidmin are. It is a group of like minded people the likes of which I have never been part of before. I think that’s one of the reasons a “competition” like Tony’s has worked. I’ve read of similar competition that actually got nasty because of the overly-competitive nature of the participants. I’ve had a lot of fun this week. I’m not a naturally competitive person, and my efforts of shameless self-promotion have all been done in the spirit of good-natured fun, and the responses I’ve gotten have been consistent with that.

    So, I want to thank the kidmin blogging community at large (including you of course). I continue to learn from, and be inspired by, them on a daily basis.

    Now, it’s not to late, go vote for DAD IN THE MIDDLE (5th seed, Eastern Division). :) – Couldn’t resist!

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