liberated by God’s perspective

Photo by Glen Alan Woods

Flying home from Las Vegas to Portland recently, I noticed a body of water off in the distance. It looked interesting so I zoomed in with my camera lens and realized it was created by a huge dam. Quickly, I snapped a couple of photos from an altitude of 35,000 feet. I marvelled at how small the dam appeared from that great distance. I have seen dams close-up.  I have been inside the Bonneville Dam east of Portland. I know how enormous they are. It reminded me of the importance of perspective and vantage-point. On the ground, a dam overwhelms the senses with its engineering grandeur. From the heights, it diminishes in scale due to the even larger grandeur of its surrounding environs.

It is kind of like life. Immersed as we are in the daily grind of our responsibilities, we too easily lose perspective. Or we simply haven’t taken time to seek a broader perspective. Getting out of our routines, even for a little while, helps us to do that. Maybe that is one of the purposes of weekly Sabbath rest. US Americans surely chafe at such a notion, beholden as we are to the Protestant work ethic. But maybe the recent microtrend toward margin, downsizing, and living debt-free is tied to the notion of gaining healthy perspective; indeed, gaining God’s perspective insofar as he grants us a glimpse of his heart toward us and his purposes for us.

When I see a huge dam from 35,000 it penetrates my sensibilities, causing me to consider the wonder of God’s love that he should fuss over me, miniscule as I am in the overwhelming crush of the world’s population. He loves the world; he loves me. Indeed, he loves you.

Get away for awhile this weekend. Think on this one thing: God loves you. You may feel you are insignificant, of marginal importance. God declares that you are his beloved.


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