Collaborate: Family + Church Ordered

I just ordered my copy of “Collaborate: Family + Church” this evening. I heard about this project a few weeks ago. I am stunned by the early rise to notoriety this book has gained in just a short time, even before its actual release. Such is the leverage of incredibly well-synched collaboration between proactively networked leaders, each with something important to add to the conversation about family ministry.

I appreciate the posture that Michael Chanley has taken in this project. He has consistently and appreciatively pointed to the contributions of the participating authors. Such is the mark of a strong leader.

I plan to review the book when it releases. I also will be reviewing few others in the family ministry mold. “Think Orange” and “Shift” are first on the docket, since I already have them and I am currently working through them. Then as I receive them, I will review the forthcoming “It Starts at Home: A Practical Guide to Nuturing Lifelong Faith” by Kurt D. Bruner and “Parenting Beyond Your Capacity: Connect Your Family to a Wider Community (The Orange Series)” by Reggie Joiner.

Although I conducted research and wrote my dissertation on parental self-perception concerning their responsibility in the home and the church’s role in igniting parents’ ownership of their responsibility, I in no way consider myself an expert in the field of family ministry. I look forward to learning from these authors. I hope there will be insights which are actionable for the vast majority of us in small churches and in missional contexts who are not positioned to hire a family ministry specialist.



2 thoughts on “Collaborate: Family + Church Ordered

  1. Appreciate your humble spirit and ability to be a lifelong learner, Glen. You’re a good man. Also, thanks for your kind words. My part in the book was a really small one… I simply casted vision and asked a question. The important part is the incredible contributions by all of the authors. I really mean that… my part is really small. It means a lot to me that you picked up on it!
    God is good, brother. It’s been a blessing to see people coming together for His glory!
    Thanks again for all you are doing.
    Michael Chanley

  2. Thanks so much for your kindness, as well, Michael. Your leadership in connecting and collaborating is an encouragement to many. You are one of several out there who are innovating redemptive ways to harness the web. I appreciate that!

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