Napkin Ideas Session 2: Benny Perez

In session 2 of Napkin, Pastor Benny Perez spoke the things a lead pastor wants from a children’s pastor. I would have posted one of the several photos I took of him, but they were all blurred. Something to do with his overflowing, restless energy as he moved about the platform, I am sure. :) Before he began the list, he said, “There is no #2 with God. Everybody is #1. This is profound encouragement for those of us who may feel last place for various reasons. Something to think about if you are in that place. And now here is the list:

  1. Be a self-starter
  2. Alignment of vision (everyone together)
  3. Love kids
  4. Relate to parents
  5. Point toward lead pastor (pastor of pastors in a congregation). Not to put lead pastor above God, of course, but to let kids and parents know that he or she will be their pastor long after they graduate out of the children’s ministry.
  6. Think generationally; keep generational pipeline strong, seamless; develop great leaders even when they are children
  7. Keep yourself filled up emotionally and in terms of leadership and skill development
  8. Good communication flow. Take initative on this
  9. Spiritual passion. The most creative times happen in the pursuit of God
  10. Be teachable
  11. Think team, not “my” ministry; celebrate as a team together
  12. Heart of lead pastor: I am for you and want the best for you.
  13. Pray for your pastor; it is hard to be angry at someone you are praying for.

Key take way: Become a child again; dream again. Pray to be a part of making the next generation righteous and holy in Christ.


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