Napkin Ideas Session 1: Justyn Smith

Justyn Smith speaking at Napkin 2010

I want to give a great big shout out to Justyn Smith of The Church at South Las Vegas for putting on such an awesome conference!

Beginning with this post, I will share some tidbits from each of the presenters which I found particularly helpful for me personally. What follows is a snippet of content from Justyn Smith. If you want to get more, simply go to the Napkin Conference website to inquire about purchasing DVDs or CDs of the sessions.
In session 1, Justyn Smith said, “If it’s possible, anyone can do it. Think impossible so that we need God’s help.” He went on to encourage us to dream big and to not allow limitations to stop us. He added that the napkins of Napkin Conference represent three things: 1. ideas; 2. innovation; & 3. unexpected. He also encouraged us to be ourselves, but to ask God what he is telling us to do in our specific situations.
What I appreciate about all the presenters, but particularly Justyn, is his irrepressibly positive attitude. I simply enjoy listening to him dream big, and encouraging others to do the same. My tendency is to dream big, but also to find all kinds of reasons why my big dreams can’t or even shouldn’t work. Some of this is due to circumstances outside of my control, but much of it is due to my critical thinking personality. It can be a strength, but it can also be a liability in terms of executing leadership tasks. I am so ready to break out of the negative connotations associated with that way of thinking. One way to do this is to spend time with people who have a positive outlook on life. This can be done by taking them out to lunch or attending conferences like this, or even reading their blogs or watching their podcasts.
Photo By Glen Alan Woods

What about you? Who are you choosing to allow as an influence on your attitude and decision-making? By choosing to have the right influencers in your life who will point you to Jesus Christ, first and foremost, and also help you orient your attitude as God intended, you can unleash a wellspring of God-inspired ideas into fruitful ministry effectiveness in your local context.


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