Napkin 2010: Introducing a Great Conference!

Yesterday I arrived home from a few days in Las Vegas, Nevada where I had opportunity to meet and network with children’s ministry leaders and friends from around the world at the 2010 Napkin Conference. It was awesome! Pastor Justyn Smith did an awesome job of organizing and leading the event. This post is the first of several in which I will show photos and describe many of the great details about Napkin. There were hilarious moments, profound God-inspired encounters, deep times of reflection, and wonderful networking. All in just a few days together in a city most people have written off as unredeemable.

But one church is not prepared to give up on Vegas. The Church at South Las Vegas is a seven year old congregation of about 3,500 people with 900 children which is making significant advances for the kingdom. They need our prayers and deserve our respect. While I don’t necessarily agree with every aspect of their theology– nor would they agree with every aspect of my own– I honor them for stepping out in hosting this conference at a considerable cost to themselves. Thank you.

I told Pastor Justyn last Friday, “Who would have thought that it would take coming to Las Vegas for me to have an encounter with God?” And indeed I did, and continue to do so back here in Portland. This was, in part, made possible due to the sacrificial giving of this congregation and the opportunity to attend such a well-conceived and operated conference.

Napkin had many strengths and a very few weaknesses, both of which I will share in upcoming posts. But don’t wait for those posts to make your decision to attend Napkin next year. Go to the conference url above and contact Pastor Justyn, letting him know you want to preregister. Yes, it was that good.


3 thoughts on “Napkin 2010: Introducing a Great Conference!

  1. Yo también amar a Dios con toda mi vida! No sé qué haría sin Dios, tampoco. Gracias por comentar en mi blog! (I also love God with my whole life! I do not know what I would do without God, either. Thank you for commenting on my blog!)

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