remembering Keith Green

Recently I purchased the special edition Keith Green: the live experience CD/DVD set. Tonight I watched portions of the DVD. I laughed. I cried. I worshipped. I remembered.

Keith Green was a formative influence on me as a young teen. When he died in a tragic airplane crash with two of his children, my heart broke along with the hearts of so many others who loved him and his music. He touched a generation with his zeal for Christ and his beautiful music. I still miss him.

Although the clothing he wore is extremely dated, his music is not. It resonates even today. There are many of his songs I continue to have memorized because I listened to them so frequently in my youth. He was that influential.

It causes me to wonder whether and how I am influencing others. Is my influence pleasing to Christ? Does it inspire others to follow him? Or do I distract others from him?  Sobering questions, but very appropriate as I remember a man who passionately pointed others to Jesus. So, I pause to remember Keith Green, while also seeking always to remember Jesus Christ.


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