decluttering is helpful even though it’s not a real word

I am in the process of doing something which is painful for me. Indeed, my inner packrat is crying foul to all who will listen. But I am not paying attention. No way. I am committed to this task. Yes, that’s right. I am decluttering my apartment. Yea, yea, yea, I know it is not a word in the dictionary. No, I don’t care. I am only using it once and then I will declutter the word declutter, too! Oops. Those were the second and third usages! So, sue me! Um. No, please don’t sue me, because then I would have to declutter some more (I know, I said it again!).

So what is all this about declutter? What do I mean? Why should you care? For me, it means simplifying life by throwing away useless paper, shredding and disposing of old documents which contain sensitive information, and finding a way to get rid of a whole lot of books. I managed to give a few books away during Christmas. Not the useless out-of-date ones, but good ones which retain their content value. I am not getting rid of all my books; just the ones which I think will benefit others and for which I have no further use.

Why give them away? Because I know I likely will never read them again. I cannot justify throwing them in the garbage or wasting my time trying to sell them, so I find people who can benefit from them, whether it is family or friends. Right now I am building a stack of books to give to a missionary friend. It is fun! I know she and those she influences will be blessed. And, I will continue to become decluttered!

What do you need to do to simplify your life? What can be thrown or sold or given away? Go for it!


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