Five Characteristics of Key Leaders in Children’s Ministry

Here are five characteristics I look for when I am seeking key leaders for the children’s ministry that I lead. By key leaders, I am referring to people who take responsibility for a significant expression of ministry under the larger umbrella of the children’s ministry. They have greater responsibility and privileges, so it follows that they have greater expectations.

This is not an exhaustive list. For example, I did not list a requirement to be a church member, or to be a tither, or to attend specific meetings, although all of those surely are important. Rather, I wanted to share those things which might be most relevant to my reading audience, without making the list overly long as this paragraph has become. So without further delay, enjoy!

  1. Relationship with Jesus Christ. Demonstrated through profession of belief and practical outcome of life. Growing wisdom.
  2. Emotional maturity. Ability to encourage oneself in the Lord, as well as be encouraged by others. Understands own weaknesses, yet uses strengths to be a blessing to others.
  3. Mature people skills. Closely related to emotional maturity. Conflict resolution skills. Growing discernment. Understands how to be authentic with people. Sense of humor. Not a martyr or complainer. Doesn’t get into territorial disputes with other leaders. Avoids unnecessary drama. And, if drama is necessary, handles it with godly decorum in an appropriate, accountable way.  
  4. Strong ethical standards. Honesty. Integrity. Even when it hurts. Maybe even especially when it hurts.
  5. Consistent work ethic. Self-starter who follows through on commitments.

Can you think of others to add? Leave a comment!


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