Top Ten Most Viewed Posts of the Year

The following posts rank as my top most viewed posts of the year on this blog. There is one exception, and that is Excel Templates which ranked the highest by a very large margin, even though it is little more than a link to another website. Apparently I discovered a hot topic and users from around the web continually find it through various searches.

The remaining posts are more in keeping with the general nature of this blog. Enjoy them again as I count down the top ten in reverse order!

10. Bible story telling technique I am especially proud of this one since it is only one week old! It represents an innovation in Bible storytelling that could revolutionize your ability to capture and keep the attention of high energy elementary age children, especially those with little other motivation to listen and learn.

  9. why won’t we let boys be boys? I continue to wrestle with this issue. It seems that society would rather medicate or institutionalize boys who are high energy and even wild, rather than parent and mentor them. Strong words, I know. But justified, in my view.

  8. American Children’s Ministers’ Association I wrote a response regarding the announcement of the ACMA. I have not heard much about it since that time. As I said then, I hold all those involved in high regard and I pray their association is a blessing to those whom they influence.

  7. an open letter to disenchanted evangelicals I received some unsolicited feedback regarding this post. I will be revisiting the theme soon in 2010, specifically in terms of the postmodern/modern conversation.

  6. DVD Review- Systems: Liberating Your Organization This is a great resource, although I did share some concerns in my review. I highly recommend it to the discerning leader.

  5. HomePDX: A Church for the Homeless in Portland One example of postmodern and emergent ecclesial expression in Portland, Oregon.

  4. Biblical Basis for Parental Responsibility This is an excerpt from my doctoral dissertation from the Spring of 2009. You don’t have to call me doctor. In fact, I insist that you don’t. But I do hope you read and benefit from this particular post, of which I am especially proud.

  3. Five Things That CM Volunteers Need I discovered that people who read blogs tend to prefer lists. So here is one which gained popularity alongside its cousin below in very short order. Worth reading as a starting point for examining the needs of your volunteers.

  2. Five Things CM Leaders Need This is the cousin of the post above. And a mighty fine cousin, too! Worth reading as a starting point for evaluating what CM leaders need.

  1. DiscipleTown: A Brand New Kids Church Curriculum This is an announcement of Discipleland’s brand new Kids Church curriculum. Authored by the illustrious non-postmodern Kidologist himself (Karl Bastian), this material is surely worth considering for your church’s kids church.

And, that’s it! Those are the most viewed posts this year at I hope you enjoy!


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