marking the start of 2010

At this writing I am under two hours from the official start of the new year and 2010. It is the final year of the beginning decade of this century. It is ordinary; it is special. These remaining moments will pass with very little fanfare from me, other than to type this post and prepare for slumber. I tend to be avantgarde, that way….:)

It is at times like this that I reflect deeply on what is about to pass, and what is yet to come. I do not know what the future holds for me. It is obscured from my view, an opaque mist of faint images and dreams. Yet, burning through that mist is an unwavering passion to follow Jesus Christ faithfully to the end of my days. So, my devotion is deeply set, although the details have yet to be worked out.

I am sure that changes both within and outside of my control will reveal themselves in the coming year and beyond. Such is the way of life. To remain stagnant is to die from lack of movement or life-giving nutrition. To grow, and live, and move, and learn, and adapt is the essence of mature life-long learning.

With these things in mind I anticipate new relationships and new opportunities, primarily within the rubric of the ordinary routines of daily life. Yet, surely there will be those unique encounters with people from abroad as well. I also expect to continue excavating new territory in the praxis of missional discipleship and its interface with biblical spirituality. Ecclesial concerns will intermingle with those of the marketplace and web. To be sure, children’s and family ministry issues will continue to inform my priorities. In all of this I hope for increased clarity concerning my focus for writing, speaking, pastoring, witnessing, and living.

That is to say, I simply want to follow Jesus faithfully, diligently deploying what gifts he has entrusted to me to be a blessing to others.


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