Looking forward to 2010

2010 is about to begin. I love new beginnings. A new home. Starting school (Don’t worry, I am reflecting on the past, not anticipating the future!). Beginning a new goal. More than that, I love new beginnings which require me to follow them through to completion. I am one of those who has shied away from New Years resolutions for the past several years. They tend to get forgotten in the daily crush of expectations; they usually are not given the priority one might expect. Typically my new goals which I actually follow-through on have been measured beginning with the start of each new school year, rather than each new calendar year. Such is one of the consequences of being a long-time children’s pastor in a local church. So, while I rarely engage in resolutions at the beginning of each January, I am very goal oriented. I think that is a good thing.

Having said all of that, I am wondering: Do you have any fresh, new goals for the New Year? Are they personal or professional? What are they?

I am trying to decide whether to commence any new personal goals starting in January. I have a couple of suspects in mind. But I am wary of the sentimental excitement that can drive me to set goals during the holidays, only conveniently and quietly to set them aside as the pressures of the new year develop.

That’s the strange thing about personal goals. I have to want them badly enough.  The burden is on me to carry them out  to completion. In one sense, that is liberating. In another sense, it is daunting. It requires self-motivation to see the dream initialize and take shape.

Maybe I should attempt them without first announcing them. Carry out their requirements without all the angst of public pronouncement and public struggle to fulfill them later on. In another words, simply live life incorporating them as my daily routine. And sometime down the road, the results will speak for themselves.

Lots of people can talk a big game at the outset of a goal. Far fewer can prove it due to a lack of discipline, support, desire, or other obstacles. So, maybe that’s my New Years resolution.

I will live life daily and let the results speak for themselves, holding my personal goals down deeply and seeing what God might do with them as I continue to follow him.


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