leading from a place of authenticity

There is a necessary tension between the past and the future in terms of our personal lives and leadership. While the past need not define us, it does suggest our likely future behavioral patterns. At the same time, the same patterns also need not define our future, especially if we take steps to overcome them. See the tension?

What is holding you back now due to its past impact on your life? What trips you up? What have you gained victory over through Christ, despite the efforts of our enemy and other people to remind us of past failings?

Some leaders experience catastrophic crisis late in their careers due to a failure to deal with sin or wrong-heading thinking early in their lives. The patterns become integrated into their persona, a sophisticated mask they wear to hide who they really are.

The devil fears Christians who dare to remove their masks, exposing their sins and finding healing and reconciliation with God and other people. For in so doing, these Christians escape the deception that their past sins forever define their future dreams. They are set free. Liberated. And new possibilities abound within the safety of the reconciling, redemptive community of faith. Their prayers wreck havoc on the kingdom of darkness.

What masks might you be wearing now? Can you anticipate the liberty of tearing off that mask and allowing God to do his work fully in and through you? What’s holding you back? Go ahead. Join me in peeling off the masks. Experience newfound freedom to live, love and even lead as the real you.


3 thoughts on “leading from a place of authenticity

  1. Good stuff Glenn. As we’ve seen in Tiger Woods’ life recently, everyone loves to remove someone else’s mask, few are willing to remove their own. We all need those around us and close to us who know us deeply and intimately (and ugly) – the ‘public’ may appreciate or admire our work, but our team and those we actually lead close to us, must know the grimy sinful real us if we are to genuinely lead and be real long term. When they see us be honest about our failures, short comings and humaness, they stick with us, because we don’t believe our own press. (because they never did!)

  2. Amen Karl. It is so hard to remove masks. It is harder still to maintain them and the lies they conceal. Either way, the truth will come to the surface. It is at such times that the church must be a reconciling and redemptive community of faith.

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