a moment with false dichotomies

Some of my readers likely have noticed my annoyance with false dichotomies. Those that have disagreed with my annoyance surely must love false dichotomies. Oh. Wait. THAT is a false dichotomy! So sorry….

I suppose what annoys me most is the black and white, either/or thinking which deploys wrong assumptions and fallacious conclusions. Furthermore, it leads to deconstructionist thinking. Execute a search for “false dichotomy” on google and you will find various examples and definitions.

Here is my attempt to illustrate:

Leaders are visionary but managers try to hold them back and are not visionary. Oh really? Seems to me that good managers must buy into the  vision in order to implement it. Also, some managers are the visionaries….

Or, young people need to earn the right to be heard, whereas experienced people have earned their platform. I seem to remember the Apostle Paul debunking the disregard of young Pastor Timothy…. Maybe a better approach is to stop worrying about who has what platform, perceived or real, and begin concerning ourselves with the responsibilities God has deposited in our lives and ministries. It is all in the attitude, humble or proud. The Bible has some things to say about that, too.

We live in a postmodern generation. Um. No. This is one of the most prevalent fallacies being marketed in the Christian marketplace. We live in a premodern/modern/postmodern/post-postmodern/etc ad nauseum generation….

 Evangelicals are fundamentalists who hate people with whom they do not agree. Actually, not all evangelicals are fundamentalists in the way the term has come to be defined. But that is a matter for another discussion. The point here is the assumption that all fundamentalists hate those with whom they disagree. Simply not true. Do some hate? Of course. Do all hate in this way? Of course not.

There are others, and maybe I will add more later. For now, off I go


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