when volunteer recruiting produces hints of dread

There is a feeling of dread that can occur when you realize that you have tapped out your resources for volunteer recruiting. You have a shortfall of workers and Sunday morning looms just a day away. You don’t feel panic yet. However, daydreams about life after recruiting responsibility tease the edge of your awareness. But something happens as you go through the list of prospective workers one more time. “Why didn’t I see their name before?” you ask yourself. The couple in question has not yet volunteered their time in their child’s classroom. You make the call. They answer. You explain your need. They respond positively. And the feeling of dread abates as you realize that due diligence and kindness produces encouraging results.

Are you struggling with the weekly grind of finding workers to fill ministry roles? I know the feeling. It is hard sometimes. Honestly, it can be a thankless task. But it can also be joyful. Yes, I said it. Joyful. Connecting with people, communicating clearly with them, following up on their questions and concerns, taking care of administrative tasks like background checks and interviews, and making the need known is all a part of the stuff which makes up due diligence in recruiting. As a volunteer leader in a small church (or large!)  it can seem overwhelming at times. Be encouraged in knowing that God will help you as you do the right things to inspire, equip, and support fellow workers. He will even help you as Sunday morning approaches and the feeling of dread threatens.

After all, he did it for me this evening. I write not in theory, but from personal experience.


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