Five Things CM Leaders Need

  1. CM leaders are humans, not machines. Same with their spouses and children. They have emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. Yet many churches treat them as machines. Why is that?
  2. CM leaders have weaknesses, as well as strengths. Know what they are at the beginning. Do not punish them for lacking gifts or talents which you knew they did not possess, or are discovering they do not possess.
  3. CM leaders are not all-knowing. Nor are they ignorant. A balanced view toward their perspective and contributions is wise. Be realistic with them in constructive, redemptive, challenging ways.
  4. Every CM leader is unique. Do not punish your CM leader for not being like the CM leader down the road or on the other side of the country. Let your CM leader be herself.
  5. CM leaders need the participation of the church. Parents (especially in the home, outside of the campus). Leaders. Singles. Elderly. Teens. Everyone. CM leaders can’t do it on their own, or with a few superstars. Participation speaks more loudly than money.



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