antidote to writer’s block: write

Writer’s block is attempting to claim another casualty. Perhaps it explains the many abandoned blog domains I mentioned in a recent post. This blog is no different. I simply don’t know what to write. I have nothing earth-shaking to share. No timely focus-group sensitive topics to mine. It is as if the law of average has set up shop in my mind. Creativity has abandoned me, leaving me to tend the ordinary routines of my life.

And so, I go on with life. Quietly, I pray for the children and families affected by various strains of the flu, especially H1N1. I grapple with putting together protocols for various situations in the campus ministry, such as policies related to illness, headlice, volunteer expectations, and so on. Ordinary stuff. You know, contacting volunteers to make sure they plan to fulfill their ministry opportunities for the upcoming Sunday, doing dishes and laundry, contacting parents as a follow-up to ongoing conversations about life and faith, cleaning my apartment, and praying for the lost in the community.

And I continue to wait on God and listen to him as I read the Scriptures. He lays bare the deep places of my heart. I abide in him. He does his work in me. Sometimes it hurts, honestly. It hurts to peel back layers I thought long-forgotten. And when I look at this blog, I realize I feel so unworthy to say anything. But maybe that isn’t the point. No, of course it isn’t. The point is that God isn’t finished with me. Or you. No matter how down you may feel, or what you think you have done or not done to be undeserving of a voice in the blogging community.

I am realizing that although my story takes place far off the beaten path in the margins of the broader contemporary Christian narrative, its very ordinariness lends it a certain accessibility. I am human. So are you. We have something to say as we live out our lives in faithfulness to Jesus Christ. Maybe it won’t always be brilliantly original to the extent that our individual blog user traffic explodes overnight. Maybe that isn’t even necessary. I think that if we simply be ourselves in that wonderfully creative way God made us to be, then the ideas will flow and the writer’s block will melt away, ill-equipped to stem the tide of who God has made us to be, and to become.


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