what is your dream?

In this post am taking an intentional posture of listening. I invite you, my readers, to share your life and ministry dreams. You may post your text or a link to your blog post which states your dreams in the comments. I look forward to reading your thoughts. I only ask that you be clear and brief for ease of understanding. So, please. Share with me. What is your dream?


2 thoughts on “what is your dream?

  1. My prayer is that I will be a godly mother and that my children will come to know Christ because of my intentional witness. But it is not enough to simply know him—I want them to love, obey and serve him. It is my heart’s desire that they have a life changing relationship with him and live for him.

    Beyond my first and primary ministry in the home—I hope I can impact this generation of teenagers for Christ. I pray for my students—and with them.
    Ultimately, I want to be found faithful to the Lord in all I say and do.

    I dream of having a womens’ Bible study group in my home so others will come to know and love the Lord as I do. I am also praying that my children will begin to see the need for such fellowship and discipleship within their own circles of influence—and that under the direction of the Holy Spirit—be so moved to respond to the needs around them. I dream of writing a book to share of God’s love for the widow and her children—and to give God glory for all he has done.

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