debriefing my venture into community

For a long while on this blog I wrote about community and connection, specifically about my need for it. I have acted on my promise to engage more intentionally in community. I am thankful for it. Each week on Sunday evening I meet with several others in a home to discuss that Sunday’s sermon and enjoy some worship and fellowship. My favorite part is when we pray for each other. It is nice to know that I am getting to know folks who are just like me in terms of being real. How refreshing to be reminded that I am not the only one who struggles with life. I appreciate their transparency.

Community has taken other forms for me as well. Friends I know from abroad and speak with via phone, email, and social networking mean a great deal to me. Some of them have been used of God to hold me together when I felt I was coming unglued. Their prayers and encouragement are so precious.

Community can hurt at times. Usually because of my own shortcomings. But it is better to be hurt by those who love you and are willing to speak truth and grace into your life, than be without a tether to relationships in a harsh, cruel world.

The days ahead promise greater depth of relationships. I am thankful I have carved out margin to explore them in the context of transparent accountability. I look forward to seeing how God will choose to create stories of healing and godly adventure through our connections.


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